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Development & Reproduction. Vol. 18, No. 3, 2014

Induction of Primary Male in Juvenile Red Spotted Grouper Epinephelus akaara by Immersion of 17α-Methyltestosterone
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):127-131.
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Effect of Water Temperature and Photoperiod on Final Oocyte Maturation in Red Marbled Rockfish, Sebastiscus tertius
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):133-137.
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Studies of In Vitro Embryo Culture of Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):139-143.
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Ovarian Features after 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks and 4 Weeks Transdermal Testosterone Gel Treatment and Their Associated Effect on IVF Outcomes in Poor Responders
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):145-152.
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Adaptive Transition of Aquaporin 5 Expression and Localization during Preimplantation Embryo Development by In Vitro Culture
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):153-160.
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Effect of Long Term Reverse Feeding on the Reproductive and Non-reproductive Tissues in Male Mice
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):161-166.
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Genetic Distances and Variations of Three Geographic Hairtail Populations Identified by PCR Analysis
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):167-172.
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Egg Development and Morphology of Larva and Juvenile of the Oryzias latipes
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):173-178.
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Spermiogenesis and Taxonomical Values of Sperm Ultrastructures in Male Crassostrea ariakensis (Fujita & Wakiya, 1929) (Pteroirmorphia: Ostreidae) in the Estuary of the Seomjin River, Korea
Dev. Reprod. 2014;18(3):179-186.
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