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Development & Reproduction. Vol. 23, No. 2, 2019

T Lymphocyte Development and Activation in Humanized Mouse Model
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):79-92.
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Original research paper
Adverse Effect of Nonylphenol on the Reproductive System in F1 Male Mice: A Subchronic Low-Dose Exposure Model
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):93-99.
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Effects of Dietary Supplement Containing Melatonin on Reproductive Activity in Male Golden Hamsters
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):101-110.
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Prostaglandin affects in vitro ovulation and 17α, 20β-Dihydroxy- 4-pregnen-3-one production in longchin goby, Chasmichthys dolichognathus oocytes
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):111-117.
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Synergistic Enhancement of Paclitaxel-induced Inhibition of Cell Growth by Metformin in Melanoma Cells
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):119-128.
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Anti-obesity Activity of Ethanol Extract from Bitter Melon in Mice Fed High-Fat Diet
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):129-138.
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Changes in Blood Cell Morphology and Number of Red Spotted Grouper, Epinephelus akaara in Response to Thermal Stress
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):139-148.
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Changes in Body Growth and Growth-Related Genes under Different Photoperiods in Olive Flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):149-160.
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Morphological Development of Egg, Larvae and Juvenile in Korean shinner, Coreoleuciscus splendidus from the Ungcheon-Stream of Korea
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):161-170.
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Retinal development and opsin gene expression during the juvenile development in red spotted grouper (Epinephelus akaara)
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):171-181.
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Short communication
The Anesthetic Effects of Clove Oil and MS-222 on Far Eastern Catfish, Silurus asotus
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):183-191.
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Genetic Distances between Two Cultured Penaeid Shrimp (Penaeus chinensis) Populations Determined by PCR Analysis
Dev. Reprod. 2019;23(2):193-198.
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