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Development & Reproduction. Vol. 22, No. 2, 2018

Evolutionary Viewpoint on GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) in Chordata - Amino Acid and Nucleic Acid Sequences
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):119-132.
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Original research paper
Combination of BEZ235 and Metformin Has Synergistic Effect on Cell Viability in Colorectal Cancer Cells
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):133-142.
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The C-terminal Phosphorylation Sites of eel Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptor are Important Role in the Signal Transduction
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):143-153.
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Effects of 17β-estradiol, Interleukin-1β, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Activity and mRNA Expression of Plasminogen Activators in Porcine Endometrial Cells
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):155-163.
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Pysiological Responses of Diploid and Triploid Far Eastern Catfish, Silurus asotus to Water Temperature Stress
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):165-174.
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Effects of Different Light Spectra on the Oocyte Maturation in Grass Puffer Takifugu niphobles
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):175-182.
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Short communication
Morphometric Characteristics of Diploid and Triploid Marine Medaka, Oryzias dancena
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):183-192.
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Genetic Variations of Intra- and between-razor Clam Solen corneus Population Identified by PCR Analysis
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):193-198.
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Prenatally Diagnosed Rare Trisomy 16 Mosaicism in Human Amniotic Fluid Cells in the Second Trimester: A Case Report
Dev. Reprod. 2018;22(2):199-203.
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